Board of Equalization

Eight member Board which consists of the County Commission, a representative of the City of Columbia, and two citizens at large. The County Assessor and County Clerk, who is the Secretary of the Board are non-voting members. Citizens at large on the Board must possess a level of experience as a real estate broker, real estate appraiser, home builder, property developer, lending officer, or investor in real estate. The goal of the Board is to review tax assessments to be certain that each parcel is fairly assessed at the mandated proportion of market value.

Term:  4 years

Dan Atwill
Fred Parry
Janet M. Thompson
Name Role Organization Term Expires Township E-mail
Lynn Cannon City of Columbia Representative City of Columbia September 30, 2020
Daniel K. Atwill Presiding Commissioner Boone County December 31, 2022
Diane Buchmann Secretary (Non-Voting Member) Boone County Clerk December 31, 2020
Donald Bormann Citizen March 30, 2020
Janet M. Thompson District II Commissioner Boone County November 30, 2020
Jessica Kempf Citizen September 30, 2020
Fred J Parry District l Commissioner November 30, 2020
Tom Schauwecker Assessor (Non-Voting Member) Boone County November 30, 2020