Judicial & Law Enforcement Task Force

Judicial & Law Enforcement Task Force - A seven member board comprised of non-stakeholder citizens. To study available resources and to create a plan to maximize the effective long-term use of the Boone County Jail, the Courthouse and the Sheriffs Office, while meeting the needs of Boone County for continued, quality law enforcement and a balanced budget. The Task Force meets on call.

Term:  3 years

Janet M. Thompson

Website: Judicial & Law Enforcement Task Force

Name Role Organization Term Expires Township E-mail
Chimene Schwach February 28, 2021 chimene.schwach@gmail.com
David Thomas September 30, 2018 9thomasdc@gmail.com
Michael Foster May 1, 2019 mlf@faberandbrand.com
Kelli Canada June 30, 2019 canadake@missouri.edu
Donald Waterman July 31, 2020 donwaterman2001@yahoo.com
Kay Evans March 1, 2019 kevans@lawmissouri.com
Rusty Antel Chairman March 31, 2020 rusty@wasf-law.com