Childrens Services Board

Boone County's Children's Services Board is a result of the 'Putting Kids First' coalition's 2012 successful effort to secure funding through a ¼ cent county-wide sales tax. The Board is composed of nine Boone County residents. Of particular importance is that Board members demonstrate experience in one of the following areas: Mental health, healthcare administration, administrative experience with a governmental or social service agency, a former eligible service recipient or a guardian of a former eligible service recipient, legal experience, accountant / finance. The Board, in partnership with the Boone County Commission, is charged with making Boone County a better and healthier community through the provision of services to protect the well-being and safety of children nineteen years of age and under and their families. The Board will maximize positive outcomes in a transparent, accountable fashion, recognizing that Boone County taxpayers are both stakeholders and beneficiaries of this program.

Term:  3 years

Janet Thompson
Name Role Organization Term Expires Township E-mail
Rodney Dixon Member March 31, 2026
Connie M. Leipard Treasurer March 31, 2027
Bob Aulgur Member March 31, 2026
Lynn E. Barnett Member March 31, 2027
Dr. Wiley Miller Member March 31, 2026
Sebastián Martínez Valdivia Member March 31, 2025
Gregory Grupe Vice Chair March 31, 2025
Leigh Spence Chair March 31, 2027
Michele Kennett Member March 31, 2025