Vicious Dog Advisory Board

An advisory board consisting of persons appointed by the Boone County Commission which evaluates evidence concerning dogs which are claimed to be vicious and makes a recommendation of their classificiation and disposition to the Health Department Director. The Board shall consist of five members, consisting of one licensed veterinarian, one animal control officer, one member from the Boone County Board of Health, one member from the public with a working knowledge of dogs, and one member from the public at large. The Board will convene at the request of the Health Director.

Term:  3 years

Kip Kendrick
Name Role Organization Term Expires Township E-mail
Nancy Gordon Foss Member June 30, 2026
Dr. Tom Rose Veterinarian May 31, 2025
Ann Gafke Member March 31, 2027
Dr. Elizabeth Hussey Veterinarian March 31, 2026