Health Trust Committee

Seven member committee that includes: Two County elected officials, at least one of whom shall be the Auditor or the Treasurer, one County Commissioner, one Road & Bridge employee, one employee from the Sheriff Department, and two citizens possessing knowledge of and interest in the workings of the Health Trust Committee. Term of three (3) years, to be staggered initially so that the terms have varied expiration dates. Trustees may serve an unlimited number of terms.

Term:  3 years

Kip Kendrick
Name Role Organization Term Expires Township E-mail
Kip Kendrick Presiding Commissioner Boone County December 31, 2026
Jenna Redel Treasurer Boone County December 31, 2025
Brianna Lennon Elected Official Boone County December 31, 2025
Rob Sapp Boone County Road & Bridge Employee Boone County March 31, 2026
Gary German Boone County Sheriff Dept Boone County March 31, 2026
Jason Hoffman Member July 31, 2024
June Pitchford Member December 31, 2025