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This is a tool for preliminary review of road names. Acceptance by this tool does not mean acceptance by Boone County Resource Management or Boone County Joint Communications. In order to proceed with the next step in the process to attempt to name a road, road names accepted by this tool are required to be submitted to Ryland Rodes at Generally roadways are not named unless they serve seven or more dwelling units.

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27.9.2 Inappropriate Road Names

Roads names shall not be names that are generally considered inappropriate or offensive.

27.9.3 Confusing, Common, or Generic Road Names

Road names that are confusing, common, or generic shall not be used. Proposed names shall also be rejected if one of the principal words in the name has already been used several times. In an effort to keep road names distinct and short, roads named after seasons, weather, tree species, common animal names, colors, or geographic features shall not be used, even within a compound road name.

27.9.4 Similar Sounding Road Name

Roads names shall not sound similar or duplicate, even if the spelling is different, to any other official road name found in Boone County, either incorporated or unincorporated areas.

27.9.5 Road Name Length

Road names shall be eighteen characters (including spaces) or less in length. The Boone County Planning and Building Inspection Director or his designee may allow an existing official road name, exceeding eighteen characters, to be used as the official name provided the new road segment is an extension of the existing road to comply with Section 27.9.11, to maintain road name continuity.

27.9.6 Root Road Name Spacing

Root road names shall be no more than two words to eliminate unnecessary spacing. For example, Nighthawk Dr would be preferred as opposed to Night Hawk Dr since the compression does not cause confusion.

27.9.7 Numeric Road Names

Numeric road names through tenth shall be spelled out. Roads higher than tenth shall be named with numbers and include the appropriate suffix: th, rd, st, or nd. For example, 14th shall be used instead of Fourteenth or 14.

27.9.8 Abbreviations and Punctuation of Road Names

The following is a list of the only accepted abbreviations: I, HWY, RTE, or St. No other words shall be abbreviated in a road name and no punctuation, including possessives such as Scott's Blvd, is to be used as otherwise specified in these regulations.

Example Abbreviation
Interstate Highway 70 I 70
US Highway 63 HWY 63
Old Highway 63 Old HWY 63
State Highway 124 HWY 124
State Route E RTE E
State Highway EE RTE E
Saint Charles St Charles

27.9.9 Geographic Directions as Part of Road Names

Geographic directions shall not be used as part of the road name. While these do exist, such as Southgate St, North Shore Dr, South Cedar Lake Dr, Waterfront Dr South, or Southwest Way, this practice shall be avoided in future developments. To eliminate confusion, the use of north, south, east, west, and any variations shall be reserved for prefix use only. For example, when verbally giving an address, it would be impossible to distinguish between Northshore Dr and N Shore Dr.

27.9.10 Road Types as Part of Road Names

A road type shall not be used as part of the root road name even if included in a proposed compound root road name. For example, a road named Dustytrail Dr shall not be allowed since Trail and Drive are both road types. Section 27.10 covers the standard for road abbreviations types for Avenue, Court, Ridge, and Boulevard.

27.10 Standards for Road Type Assignment

All road segments shall have a standard road type assigned by the addressing authority.

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